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How are our products made?

Our products are meticulously crafted as each masterpiece is an outcome of premium craftsmanship. With unwavering attention to detail, we curate the finest raw materials, weaving them into styles that catch up the latest trends in global fast fashion. Elevate your wardrobe with our creations – a fusion of artistry and trendsetting allure.

How Flexible our Products are?

Our products are a perfect amalgamation of luxury & comfort. We ensure attention to detailing till the last mile. Every product has its own care instructions, which followed makes it last to the fullest.

Which aspects differentiate our products than the rest?

Our products are show stoppers in itself with an array of colors, styles, Impeccable fits, finesse & exceptional attention to detailing.


  1.  What is the exchange window?
    We have a 15 days exchange window.

  2. What are the terms & conditions for exchange?
    During the exchange window, the products shouldn’t be used and to be returned with all the tags intact.   

  3. What is the return process?

    To initiate an exchange, please email us at with the product image, invoice, and your preferred product details (size, colour, or style). We're here to assist you.

  4. How long does the exchange process take?

    The exchange process may take around 7-8 working days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring.

  5. Can the products be exchanged after wearing?

    Only unused products with intact tags are eligible for exchange. At Louis Stitch, our commitment to quality extends to ensuring fairness among all customers. 

  6. Can I return the product & get a refund?
    Each product is carefully handcrafted and undergoes six steps quality checks to ensure you receive the perfect item. While returns are only permitted in exceptional situations or if there's a manufacturing defect.


  1. Do I Pay for shipping? Is it free?

    Shipping is free for prepaid orders.

  2. How long does it take for the product to ship?

    We try to dispatch your product on priority. In most cases, your product will be shipped within 2 days.

  3. How many days does it take for the products to deliver?
    Generally, it takes around 3-5 business days for the product to be delivered.

Product Care

  1. Shoe Care instruction - Wipe with Dry Cloth only, keep away from water and heat, use only Louis Stitch Leather creams for additional shine or care
  2. Apparel Care - Machine wash the garment inside out on a gentle cycle. Wash dark colors separately. Avoid wringing out the garment and dry it in the shade. Do not directly iron on any prints or embellishments.
  3. Wallet & Belts Care- Wipe with Dry Cloth only, keep away from water and heat, use only Louis Stitch Linseed shiner for better results 
  4. Bag Care- - Wipe with Dry Cloth only, keep away from water and heat.