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Dress to impress, all day, everyday with LOUIS STITCH heartcrafted artefacts.

HeartcraftedProducts, Made with Love !

Louis Stitch has built its reputation over many years on the authenticity of its
premium leathers and exquisitely handcrafted leather goods. The top craftsmen
in the world meticulously monitor every knot we sew, handcrafting each and
every item for Louis Stitch.

Looking for your best leather essentials? Look no further. The classic range of
leather shoes, leather bags, belts, and combo gift sets level up your game.
Complimenting all your fall fashion looks, our new arrivals will constantly
keep your fashion looks one step ahead

Shoes for Men

Personality of a man is defined by the way he walks. If you neglect how you walk in, you might just end up with an average style statement despite your dapper overall look. With the right pair of shoes that suits your personality, you can add an oomph to your debonair look at parties and weddings and at your workplace. Yet finding the perfect pair for so many occasions can be toilsome. But hey, that’s what we are here for. From formal to casual, Oxford to Derby, boots to sneakers, and loafers to brogues, you name it and we have it.

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Wallets for Men

A wallet should be two things - classy and functional. Wallets are often neglected while one is putting together the perfect closet. A wallet is like an investment, you don’t change it every now & then as you do with other accessories. So, make sure you make a wise choice. Arm yourself up with a wallet that suits your personality & steal glances while you pull it out from your pocket. It is very important that you carry the wallet that compliments your clothing.

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Belts for Men

From hidden below your winsome waist-coat or bespoke shirt neatly tucked-in, the belt grabs more attention than you think. It has its own aesthetic value besides its function of holding your trousers in place. Buckle up yourself in handcrafted belts that are destined to take your success & style a level higher. To set your style statement apart from the crowd, shop our exclusive combinations of belts & footwear that are brought to life together and perfectly complement each other.

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